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  • therumpus:

    An excerpt of Red Doc>, which appears in the The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology 2014, edited By Robert Bringhurst. Lois Bassen reviews it over at The Rumpus.

  • cassandragillig:

    bernadette mayer’s card for lucy lippard’s c. 7500 show

  • pleasecometotheshow:

    Nancy Spero. Torture of Women. A.I.R. Gallery, 1976. text by Lucy Lippard. 

    there is no such thing as gentle collage

  • rrbbyy:

    Nancy Spero. Goddess Nut. 1989

  • "'Where do otters come from?' she asked, and then without pause or inflection delivered the punch line: 'otter space.'"
  • evilbambi:


    This is the sound Jupiter emits via electromagnetic waves. Its so incredibly cool (10:00)

    this is beautiful 

    (via artspotting)